Now and Here

Now and Here

Cara runs an online publication, Now and Here, which explores the way that nomadic experiences change us. 

Long before humanity settled to a sedentary agricultural life, we used to move on the land. Long, long before we lived in cities of concrete and steel we walked the earth with our feet and knew the paths of the stars at night. 

In this world we live in, now and here, perhaps we can try to find some small way to revisit the us of old.

Anyone can contribute to Now and Here. You don’t have to be an experienced writer, you don’t even have to write.

Find ways to experience your nomadic self, and take notice. Record your noticings, with a photo, with a pen on a scrap of paper, etched into the dirt with a stick. 

Share your noticings with others in the Now and Here community. This is an online community of people committed to experiencing in a new and old way, together.

To contribute to Now and Here, make an account on, then send your stories in.

And remember, stories don’t have to include words!

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