Corporate Workshops – Build an Inspirational Team Through Communication, Creativity and Curiosity!

Creativity might just be one of the most undervalued resources in business. 

When it comes time to plan for business training – what normally comes to mind?

Team work, appropriate workplace behaviour, conflict resolution…. All of these things are extremely important, but perhaps there is something missing from this list that could be a huge benefit to your business……

So many jobs are inherently creative. Whether or not you might think so at first glance. 

Writing an office newsletter? Creative.

Designing a training course for employees? Creative.

Coming up with a marketing strategy for your new campaign.


Almost everything we do as humans has some element of creativity to it. 

And what happens when people don’t see their work as creative, or just stay stuck in the same patterns, or don’t feel they have the permission to really let their ideas fly?

Their enjoyment of their work, and the product of their work, can loses it’s creative spark. 

Employees that are not excited create less exciting products and services.

As a direct result your customers and clients are not excited. Which we all know is bad for business.

For people to flourish in their jobs, they need to be inspired.

They need to have fun.

They need to learn how to be creative again.

At Arts Therapy Courses, we have corporate training programs, that are tailored to your workplace and industry, that will help you and your employees find the creative spark again, and let it fly!

Interested in supporting your staff in developing improved ways of communicating and create thinking?

The unique values of your organisation can be an incredible starting point to connect your crew and help realise your business’ goals.

Arts therapy can help foster that sense of connectivity, give a platform for new ideas and unblock the individual and group potential of your team.

What To Expect?

Corporate trainng programs are highly customisable, and can take place over a time frame that suits you.

From two hours, to two days, you choose the type of training that will best benefit your team.

Training can take place in small groups, or in large lecture style formats. 

Cara Philips will facilitate your unique corporate training event.

She has extensive experience in facilitating training programs for adults. As a trained Trainer and Assessor she has worked for large corporate training companies, facilitating training in work safety and inclusiveness. Cara has worked as a tertiary lecturer in several fields.

Choosing for your next corporate training will ensure you and your team get the best results from your staff training and see real results back at work.

Contact Cara today to discuss your business and unleash the creative force of your corporate team!

Cara is a MIECAT trained Arts Therapist based in Perth, Western Australia. 

She has worked in theatre and film, specialising in devising shows and films with different groups in the community about things that are of interest them.

Cara has strong values around the intersubjective connection between people.  She lives to dance in this space……….