Create, Inquire, Play!

 Perth and Online Arts Therapy with Cara Flame

What is Experiential Arts Therapy?

Using arts techniques, experiential arts therapy is an inquiry into parts of yourself, your values, your experiences and how you would prefer to be. 

Our arts inquiry is collaborative. You are the expert on your life, you will guide the research.

Your therapist walks alongside as a companion to your discovery.

 We all have depths to explore.

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Cara Phillips

Cara is a MIECAT trained Arts Therapist based in Perth, Western Australia. 

She has worked in theatre and film, specialising in devising shows and films with different groups in the community about things that are of interest them.

Cara has strong values around the intersubjective connection between people.  She lives to dance in this space. 

She runs a travelling festival experience called Baba Yaga’s Dream Yurt, which offers the gift of shared creative moments to strangers in tents.

She has a strong interest in myth and archetype and the language of dreams.

Cara is currently completing a professional doctorate on the subject of the therapeutic process of creating a theatre production.

Cara holds registration with ANZACATA, no. 47283959 and SDTAWA. 

MA (Screen Studies), Grad Dip ECAT, Grad Cert Divinity, BA (Theatre Arts), Diploma of Youth Work, Cert IV TAE, LSDA, ASDA, Certificate TEFL.
In process:
Professional Doctorate ECAT
BA (Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage, and
Music: Electronic Music and Sound Design)

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